Natural and non-chemical solutions for handling water

AkvaSolina - better well water

Running water doesn´t freeze in winter or get obsolete in summer. Our AkvaSolina water handling solutions are based on this thought. Aeration provides fresh water!

Our company takes into consideration both the needs of customers and the requirements of the environment for the water handling applications.

From us you can find solutions for aeration of cottage wells but also for industrial level water handling. Do you need well water aeration directly into the well or container aeration? 

Get acquainted with our large and innovative product range and service selection for consumers and industries.

Watch a video about Akvasolina’s aeration solutions and cellularized ejectors.

Strenght of AkvaSolina products:

akvasolina vahvuus

No chemicals

small device AkvaSolina

Small – Easy to install

akvasolina vahvuus monikayttoinen


akvasolina porakaivon ilmastus

No motor

kaivoveden puhdistuslaite vahvuus ei liikkuvia osia

No moving parts

AkvaSolina kaivoveden puhdistus

No parts needing a continuous maintenance

Benefits of radon and hydrogen sulfide removal with AkvaSolina product

Cleans naturally

Small need of energy

Easy to install

Space-saving, fits even a small space

Rises oxygen content of water

Aeration of well water

Made in Finland

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Aeration of well water

All of our products are designed to fulfill customers requirements. Our principle is to make customers´ life as easy as possible – from  planning to living. Aeration of well water is one of our solutions.

First solutions of AkvaSolina product line were already launched 20 years ago. User friendly development ideas from real estate owners and LVI (heat, water and air-conditioning) experts have forwarded the development of AkvaSolina devices.

Contact us, and let’s map out together, how we can improve water handling in your application.

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For cottage and home

AkvaSolina solutions will be scaled for your need at home, cottage and grandmas. We design an entirety for your needs.

Reliability of our system is excellent, because it does not need a separate engine. In addition to that maintenance is remarkably easier than in other solutions. AkvaSolina aeration solution doesn´t need continuous maintenance. It is like automatic water washing machine optimizing areations according to necessity and correspondingly well water stay fresh as well.